PAUL GILBERT – Space Ship One

PAUL GILBERT - Space Ship One


Release date: June 7, 2005

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If you have any familiarity with Paul Gilbert, you know to expect the unexpected. After starting out in Racer X, then graduating to Mr. Big, Gilbert has always been regarded as one of the top guitarists in Rock. With incredible speed and flawless execution, he has developed a loyal following of guitar fanatics around the world. It should come as no surprise that Space Ship One is a guitar-driven record. However, it should also come to be remembered as song-driven record.

The first two tracks, “Space Ship One” and “Every Young Girl is a Rockstar,” are fiery Pop-infused sing-along songs that, while true to his Rock heritage, have a fun, campy quality to them. There is often a sticky-sweet bubblegum feel to Gilbert’s sense of melody, evident on songs like “Mr. Spock” and “Boku No Atama.” These songs have the one-hit-wonder sound of the 60s. That is not to say they sound dated, but they have a nostalgic air about them.

Now rockers, don’t fret; Paul has always been true to his bread and butter, and the majority of this disc is loud and heavy. “On the Way to Hell,” “Terrible Man,” and “Interaction” are three stand-out Heavy Metal tracks with some serious butt-kicking guitar. Of course, there are a couple of instrumental numbers on here too. “Jackhammer” and “G9,” two songs that couldn’t be more different from each other, are shining examples of the complexity of Gilbert’s musicianship.

As the years go by, Paul Gilbert is carving a bigger and bigger niche for himself in the history of Rock. He has managed to keep his contingency of guitar enthusiasts appeased with heavy doses of guitar acrobatics, all the while expanding on his talents as a composer. He has developed his sense of melody into an art, all the while incorporating his need-for-speed into something that is appealing for even the least discriminating listener. Space Ship One is a well-crafted passage through the multifaceted offerings of Paul Gilbert, without getting too outside of itself or becoming cluttered.


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