LOUD ‘N’ NASTY – Too Much Ain’t Enough

LOUD 'N' NASTY - Too Much Ain't Enough


Perris Records
Release date: May 17, 2005

Guitars: A
Bass: C+
Drums: C+
Recording Quality: B
Lyrics: C
Originality: C
Overall Rating: B+

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Hard Rockers Loud ‘N’ Nasty are just what you’d expect from the band’s name. Hailing from Sweden, the group plays Loud and Nasty Hollywood Hard Rock. This CD is a re-release, coming out earlier than Teaser Teaser read the Metal Express review by clicking here.

All of the elements of the genre made famous by the likes of Motley Crüe and Ratt are present on Too Much Ain’t Enough: mean guitars, catchy choruses, and a solid foundation are the highlights here, not to mention lots of hairspray.

The opening title track, “Too Much Ain’t Enough,” has an almost Kiss-like feel to it, with Rob Nasty’s vocals sounding like a more aggressive Paul Stanley. Chris Loud’s guitar solo remains true to the genre standards, full of glam and fireworks.

“Me and the Boys” has that Saturday Afternoon Movie feel to it, reminding you of teenagers in a beach. The song has a very partying feel to it, again staying true to the nature of Hair Metal. The backing vocals in the chorus sound a bit out of tune, but as Loud ‘N’ Nasty isn’t Bon Jovi, it’s forgivable.

The next track, “You Better Run,” has a different mood. While still in Glam Metal territory, it has fewer Hollywood influences and goes more to the AOR route. The chorus is great and catchy, however, by this point of the record, you may start getting tired of Nasty singing always in the same range.

Another party tune, “Little Miss Pretty,” is very similar to “Me and the Boys.” Of course, there couldn’t be a single Hair Metal record without a song about women and sex, and this is that song.

“Clown of the Town” is the most unique song on the record. It features serious attitude, the best singing from Rob Nasty in Too Much Ain’t Enough, and a remarkable guitar riff by Chris Loud. The guitar solo here is also a highlight, showcasing all of Loud’s Technique while being a complement to the music.

“Leave me Alone” is another one of the party tunes, which seems to be the Loud ‘N’ Nasty signature. It features the most solid foundation work by Rob Nasty and T-Bone, with bass and drums working closely together. The Van Halen inspired guitar solo is by far the coolest in the record.

“Sweet Sixteen” is one of the fastest songs on the record, and is well done at that. The track closely resembles Motley Crüe, being one of the most Arena friendly songs of Too Much Ain’t Enough. It’s a bonus track, but surely a highlight in the album.

“Hellbound” is more aggressive than the rest of the record, along with “Sweet Sixteen,” betting on more of an L.A. mood. This one will “Blow your speakers, blow the fuse.”

Although the band’s evolution in Teaser Teaser is clearly apparent by the somewhat average Too Much Ain’t Enough record, it still features Loud ‘N’ Nasty in full action. Fans of Arena Rock and Glam Metal simply can’t pass on this one. Quoting Hairball John, “The Past Is Back To Kick Your Ass.”


Rob Nasty – Vocals and Bass
Chris Loud – Guitars
T-Bone – Drums


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