at Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo, Norway, April 27, 2005

New York-based The Lizards, with Riot-mainman Mike DiMeo and legendary drummer Bobby Rondinelli (Rainbow, Blue Öyster Cult, Black Sabbath) in the ranks, hit the stage at Rockefeller Music Hall as support for Ian Hunter on April 27th, 2005.

Promoting their third album, Cold Blooded Kings, The Lizards have moved their way up to becoming a full-time band, with Rondinelli leaving Blue Öyster Cult and Mike DiMeo considering leaving Riot.

Though not revolutionary, the Lizards have mainly found their home in a riff-oriented 70s style of music. On this particular night, The Lizards concentrated on songs from their debut album, The Lizards, and their latest album Cold Blooded Kings, leaving out songs from their second album, The Lizards Rule, that were made without Mike DiMeo.

“Something Higher” from the debut and “Down” from their latest album were both great. Bobby Rondinelli has always been Mr. Steady, chewing on his well-known toothpick, and looking half-interested. But, the whole world knows that this guy is (pardon my French) a motherfucker behind the drum kit.

A drum solo showed exactly that, and even though the sparks flew more during the 23-year old Straight Between The Eyes live video from Rainbow, the drum solo in the middle of The Lizards’ set was indeed a good one.

Singer Mike DiMeo also proved his skills as a tremendous singer with a impressive range. He also handled the keyboards, and these two well-known guys, along with relatively unknown guitar and bass players, Patrick Klein and Randy Pratt, is a interesting line-up without a doubt.

Closing the set with “Dinosaurs” and “Can’t Fool Myself,” this was a great hour of 70’s riff-rock from four gentlemen who know how to deliver the goods. After their stint with Ian Hunter, the lads are off to support UFO on their European Tour. Metal Express will hook up with The Lizards again during this year’s Sweden Rock Festival. Stay tuned folks!


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