Interview with Ghost Machinery (Pete Ahonen)

MER: Hello Pete! Glad you could join us today. Ghost Machinery is a new band but you also play in another band called Burning Point. How do you keep the bands separated and is there any rivalry between the two?

No problems yet … I don’t know how the other guys take it, but to me there is no competition between the bands.

MER: Introduce and describe the other Ghost Machinery members and their role in the band and what they bring to it. How do you think they would they describe you?

Tapsa Pelkonen (bass) is one of the greatest bass players I have ever played with and he is very cool guy too and our Web master. Jussi Ontero (drums & keyboards) — Jussi is an amazing multi – instrumentalist. He plays almost anything! Jussi and Tapsa are both very talented players and I am very happy that they play with me. They bring to the band a very heavy backbone! How do they describe me, hmmm? One of the greatest singer, songwriter and guitar players in the world 🙂

MER: What’s it like to be on a foreign label? Ghost Machinery is signed on Sound Riot Records from Portugal but the band comes from Finland. What would you say are some of the pros and cons of being on a foreign label? Does it bring you more exposure outside your own country and will it bring you international tour dates as well? Are there any tour dates planned yet?

I can’t think of any bad sides right now … maybe the language? You know, it would be easier to get the message through if I would be able to do it in my mother tongue, but yes, I think that they have more connections out there so they can promote us better outside our country. I’m negotiating at the moment for the dates here in Finland, but as you know these things take a little time. My friend owns a bar here and he begged us to play there, so one gig is confirmed. April the 1st is the date.

MER: On your album, Haunting Remains, Tapsa plays bass and Jussi handles both the drums and the keyboards. What happens when you tour? What kind of line up will you have then?

Our friend, Mikko Myllyla, who played the guitar parts in the “Out in the Fields” song will handle the second guitar. We will use some computer stuff to do the keyboards and maybe some backing vocals.

MER: Tell us a bit about your songwriting. How were the songs on Haunting Remains born and how much input did the other members have? Did the songs change much during the recording?

Basically I write the songs in my home and bring the song to the rehearsals and we arrange the songs together. I gave them (almost, heh) free hands to play how they like it so I believe that the songs wouldn’t sound so cool without them. Minor changes here and there, not much …

MER: Which song was the easiest to write and why?

“Temples of Gold,” it took about 5 minutes 🙂 I don’t know why.

MER: Which song was the hardest to write and why?

Basically all of the songs were pretty easy to write, but don’t ask me why, I just don’t know, the songs just pumped in to my head 🙂

MER: What made you become a Metal fan and pick up a guitar?

Accept and “Fast As A Shark” and Iron Maiden’s “Number of the Beast” were my driving forces.

MER: You cover Gary Moore’s song “Out in the Fields,” which is from the days when he was still considered to be playing Metal music. Since then he has flirted with the Blues and most recently Creamesque material. How do you feel about that? Do you think artists should pick a style and stick to it or be as versatile as possible?

That is a very difficult question. I don’t want to criticize Mr. Moore, but I like his Metal stuff mo(o)re 🙂 But sure, if you want to play different styles, go ahead, but don’t “abandon” your old fans … that’s my opinion.

MER: This is taking a wild guess, but since you’re called Ghost Machinery, it brings to mind ghost stories of which the modern version is horror movies and books. Does the horror genre appeal to you?

In a way, yes. I do like a good horror movie or a book.

MER: What are your future plans with Ghost Machinery?

Live shows and a new album and lots of interviews 🙂

MER: Is there anything you would like to say to Metal Express Radio readers? Anything more they should know about Ghost Machinery? Feel free to “advertise” here.

If you want to hear a new sensational Melodic Heavy Metal band that will rock the world, Ghost Machinery’s Haunting Remains should be your choice!!! Be sure also to visit our Web site,

Thank you very much Pete for taking the time out to answer our questions and all the best to Ghost Machinery in the future!

Thank you very very much!


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