at Rockefeller, Oslo, Norway, March 19, 2005

Playing Rockefeller this evening alongside the Trashcan Darlings were Backstreet Girls. The Norwegian band Asstronauts were also a supporting act, but for some reason still unknown, the lead singer never showed up, which most likely will result in the death for Asstronauts as a band. But who cares, because Trashcan Darlings delivered and went on stage with a bang. Starting of with “Peggy Sue Is Dead” from last year’s EP Tunes from the Trashcan.

This high-energy Punk-Glam Rock band has proclaimed themselves to world fame and does everything they can to live up to their reputation. With all the make up and the glammy clothes, it’s hard to tell whether they actually are hot studs or western European hookers… but when Chris Doll and Frankie Nachtnebel get it going, rambling on their Gibson guitars, they show their sexy side, both musically and physically.

Newcomer Andy Hunter, who started playing with Trashcan Darlings in August last year, did a great job on drums, even though his hard-hitting job resulted in some drums falling over and left Chris Doll screaming for tits and entertaining the audience instead.

Singer Strange? Gentle, who’s usually seen quietly behind the bar at Oslo’s legendary Elm Street Rock Cafe, was like a rocket on stage. With a well-hidden flu, he was dancing and jumping around on stage like Mick Jagger’s evil twin.

Unfortunately Dan Dee on bass seemed a little lost on stage, playing just fine, but standing only in one place. Looking at his instrument all evening, he was just too lame compared to the rest of the band.

Most of the band’s songs are short, energetic, and have refrains that are easy to sing along. Its’ so cool to see the whole band singing along on every chorus, and especially when the audience seems to catch on just as easy. That’s great Punk Rock for ya!!

Being their biggest gig to date, they played most of their old hits as well as their new songs, revealing that parts of this concert will be featured on their 10 Years Of Trash anniversary DVD, due for release in December, 2005.

Trashcan Darlings were the supporting act for old-timers Backstreet Girls, who celebrated their 20th year anniversary last year, but judging by the audience, they seemed to be more amazed by the Trashcan Darlings than the Backstreet Girls.

Along with a great musical show and colorful band members, the audience also got great fireworks delivered by ”pyromaniac” Chris Dead, usually seen behind the drum set in Gothminister and The Cumshots.

Trashcan Darlings Setlist

  1. Peggy-Sue Is Dead
  2. Sinister Ride
  3. Playstation
  4. Rock/n/Roll Horrorshow
  5. European Suicide Bombers
  6. Back To The Party
  7. Rights Of The Living Dead
  8. Holiday In My Head
  9. Please Darling Please
  10. Because You/re Young
  11. Me Punk, You Fuck!
  12. Electric Vampires
  13. So Whore
  14. I Just Wanna Die (on a chemical high)
  15. From Purity To Pain


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