SCAR SYMMETRY – Symmetric In Design

SCAR SYMMETRY - Symmetric In Design


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Release date: February 7, 2005

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Now this is wild. 2004 will forever be remembered as the Year-of-Mediocre-Gothenburg-Death-Metal, and in the jungle of new and pretty boring bands, one couldn’t help but think that this genre has outplayed its purpose … and whoopi, here comes a brand new, Swedish band (founded in 2004 goddammit, 2-0-0-4!) that succeeds in revitalizing the entire genre with a mix of great melodies, virtuosic musicianship, and ass-kicking riffs.

This band isn’t your average newcomer, though, with members hailing from Carnal Forge, Incapacity, Mutant, Theory In Practice, etc., so one should have some expectations. Still, though, this is nothing short of impressive, especially taking the time span into consideration.

Albeit having a very weird intro, the opener “Chaosweaver” sets the standard with its huge sound and awesome chorus – mixing clean and growly vocals — Crematory-style. “2012 – The Demise Of The 5th Sun” is next, and this is a true groove monster. The riffing here redefines manhood, and after a melodic verse comes a chorus, which is nothing short of phenomenal. This song also showcases the great guitar soloing throughout the record, which is far more virtuosic than usually found in this genre … a welcome twist indeed.

“Underneath the Surface” has a chorus melody quite reminiscent of one of the most famous themes from the musical Chess, as well as a terrific solo, and is another highlight. The melodic “Obscure Alliance” is another highlight with its rocking, 80’s inspired riff. “Hybrid Cult” and “Orchestrate the Infinite” are both on the heavier side – the latter is also, together with “Reborn,” the song with the most evident In Flames influences – and both are also very good songs. “Seeds of Rebellion,” and the epic “The Eleventh Sphere,” are two more great tracks – the former with its uptempo rhythm, modern riffing, and great chorus, and the latter with its great atmosphere and layers of guitars, synths, and vocals.

As mentioned, what this genre needed more than anything was some fresh blood and new sources of inspiration, and Scar Symmetry has more than accomplished this challenge. Symmetric in Design is the best Melodic Death Metal album in a long time, and every fan of the genre (and music in general) should check it out.


  • Torgeir P. Krokfjord

    Torgeir was a reviewer here at Metal Express Radio. After hearing Malmsteen's "Vengeance" on a guitar mag CD at the age of 12 or 13, he began doing hopeless interpretations of Yngwie licks and it just took off from there. After shorter stints at other zines he was snatched to Metal Express Radio in 2003. Alongside Yngwie, Savatage, WASP, Symphony X, Blind Guardian, Emperor, Arch Enemy, In Flames, Opeth, Motörhead, Manowar, and Queensrÿche are a quick list of musical faves. Torgeir is also guitarist in the Heavy/Prog/Thrash outfit Sarpedon.

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