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Release date: November 29, 2004

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Not to be confused, but this Austrian band’s similarity to Nightwish is so obvious. Cast Away is the second album from Visions of Atlantis. Their debut, Eternal Endless, was released in 2002.

This sextet plays Symphonic Bombast Metal by combining emotional lyrics with Metal wrapped in Classical arrangements.

It is clear that Vision of Atlantis wants to be the Austrian answer to Nightwish, but there’s a long way for them to go, as they are way too “light” compared to their mentors. Things are very simple here, a quick look at the song titles and the cover of the album, and “voila,” this looks like an Atmospheric Epic Metal band.

Cast Away, which was released in November 2004, includes 10 tracks, and things just don/t seem to work smoothly for this band. In the title and most commercial track, “Cast Away,” for example, it is almost impossible to hear the guitar riffs (Werner Fielder). There’s too much keyboards (Miro Holly) during the song, which is the main instrument during the rest of this album too. There are also many (too many) AOR influences. But then again, Thomas Caser, the drummer, renders a hell of a performance on this song. Nicole Bogner (vocals) gives a more melodic voice on this track compared to the other songs, but she is not at all close to her “big sister,” Tanja Turunen, in Nightwish. Although the chorus has some rhythm, unfortunately the voice of Mario Plank (vocals) doesn’t fit this song.

Some of the melodies just don/t work at all, like “State Of Suspense” and “Send Me A Light.” In both songs, the band uses too much keyboards, and they just become way too dominant. It/s too bad that Holly on synth doesn’t establish a pattern with the other instruments, because it causes the music to lack proper rhythm.

If there is a highlight on this album, it has to be the last track, “Last Shut Of Your Eyes,” and the only explanation for this is because it actually contains some Metal guitar riffs. This is a melancholic song with piano and strings, along with some acid guitar and bass drums. It is a moody and nostalgic song overall.

Vision of Atlantis tries hard to be Nightwish-like, but if the band hopes to have a future, they have to stop following this pattern. Also, with less AOR and Pop influences, they could break through. Cast Away includes a few good musicals moments, and in some parts it reminds of the Nightwish album Century Child, but they seriously need to get a more unique sound and a bit heavier.

This album is produced, recorded, and mixed by Peter O. Moritz.


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