In Oslo Spektrum, Norway, November 16, 2004

For a small and unknown band, Exilia impressed in their role as supporting act for Rammstein. Oslo Spektrum holds 8000 people and that’s exactly how many tickets they sold for this spectacular show. Italian band, Exilia, with only two CDs on the market, did a good job. Exilia has a cool sound and a great look. It’s not every day you get to see a female singer like Masha jumping around like Mike Patton (of Faith No More), headbanging with her long, blond dreads, and singing with such strength and rawness in her voice. Perhaps a Doro Pesch of this decade?

Playing only 30 minutes, their bass player, who calls himself Random, impressed on their song “Underdog,” with an extremely groovy Nu-Metal undertone. Another song that people took notice of was “Starseed,” a song they wrote for a deceased friend. Masha did everything she could to get the crowd ready for Rammstein, and she gave a powerful ending with the song “Where I’m Wrong.” Hopefully there is more to come from these four musicians from Milan.

… Finally Rammstein came on stage, and what a stage they had built! Rumors in Norway said they had brought 15 semi-trailers with equipment and now everyone can understand why! The stage was built into something that looked like a steel bunker with a vagina in the middle, and singer Till Lindemann kept walking in and out from this pleasure hole.

Rammstein are known for concocting “extreme” shows for their concerts and they truly make sure no one will be disappointed … Rammstein fan or not … and this show was not for the weak-hearted! They had spiced up their Opera/Metal show with explosions and flames that even warmed people on the back rows. This was “Donner und Blitzen” for all your money’s worth!

Their show was more spectacular than a Michael Jackson show, and their choreography is better than any “boy band.” Everything is planned down to the smallest detail, and Rammstein do their job 100% successfully, marching around in their Nazi-looking Lederhosen. On their song “Mein Teil,” a song about the German cannibal Armin Meiwes, they turned the stage into a total freak show. Lindeman came out with an oversized cooking pot, and inside was keyboarder Flake Lorentz with a weird dummy mask on his head. The bottom of Lindeman’s mike was a knife, and they had a cat and mouse chase on stage. Behind their strict uniforms and harsh attitudes, at least they have humor!

Music-wise they played all of their most famous songs — 19 in all — choosing to do even two encores. The audience just didn’t want this evening to end! It felt like the ceiling raised when they played “Du Hast,”“Amerika,” and “Ich Will.” They ended this memorable evening with a rather hoarse cover of Depeche Mode’s “Stripped,” and bass player, Oliver Riedel, crowd surfed on an inflatable boat. Truly a night to remember!!

Set List

Reise Reise
Links 123
Keine Lust
Feuer Frei
Mein Teil
Stein Um Stein
Du Riest So Gut
Du Hast

Ich Will
Ohne Dich


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