in Oslo Spektrum, Norway, October 15, 2004


The 9-piece band, Slipknot, is behind one of the best Metal releases this year with Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses). A lot of touring has gone down before this stint with Slayer, and Slipknot proved that they are worthy of the spot on this bill.

It’s hard to find a more explosive and brutal act than Slipknot. For a 9-piece band, Slipknot is extremely organized and their discipline is outstanding. Through songs like “(SIC),” “Three Nil,” “Duality,” and the crowd-pleaser “People = Shit,” the band runs you over like a 18-wheeler. However, this concert saw only 8 people on stage when their programmer, Craig Jones (a.k.a. #5), was rushed home to The States to undergo immediate surgery of some sort.

Nevertheless, Slipknot delivered what we ordered, and the arena format suited them well. Not having too many stage props, these guys are still a highly visual extravaganza with their masks and their goofing around on stage. The two percussionists were jumping and climbing on their drums just as much as they actually played them, and the guitar players were everywhere at the same time.

A pretty energetic experience… Slipknot’s hour at the Oslo Spektrum was well received by an impressive 8,000 person crowd. The kids in front went mental throughout the whole show, not unlike the largest Metal band in the world who played for them.


It’s been almost ten years since one of the true pioneers of Metal, Slayer, have played in Oslo. 8,000 tickets were sold for this event, and Slayer’s absence from the Norwegian venues for so long might well have something to do with the impressive attendance.

Slayer doesn’t have an album to promote these days, as their latest opus God Hates Us All came out three years ago. Only one song was performed from that album, the opener “Discipline.” From then on it was over an hour of old school Slayer, with perfect sound quality to a sold out Oslo Spektrum. Needless to say, it was an incredible evening!

It was a joy to hear the really old songs like “Fight ’til Death” and “Hell Awaits,” up to the Reign In Blood favorites “Angel Of Death” and “Post Mortem.” Dave Lombardo is back, and his drumming was as always amazing. “Mandatory Suicide,” “Chemical Warfare,” and “South Of Heaven” were also brilliant (as was everything else).

Slayer’s set in the Oslo Spektrum was nothing short of a dream… all of the best old songs performed by their classic lineup. This years best Metal show in Oslo was confirmed when Tom Araya, Jeff Hanneman, Kerry King and Dave Lombardo left the stage after “Raining Blood.” Slipknot was good on this night, but Slayer was absolutely incredible.


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