at Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo, Norway, October 13, 2004

It’s been six years since their last album, but Uriah Heep keeps touring and touring. But then again, who doesn’t? Deep Purple tours constantly, regardless of albums, and so do other acts. Like Deep Purple, Uriah Heep has really got something to offer 34 years after their Very Eavy and Very Umble debut in 1970.

Only one member remains from that album, and that is of course axeman Mick Box. The line-up in Uriah Heep nowadays has remained stable since their legendary tour to Russia in the mid-80s: Bernie Shaw and Phil Lanzon then joined the ranks amongst Mick Box, Lee Kerslake, and Trevor Bolder for that tour.

This visit to Oslo and Rockefeller saw the return of more than a couple of hidden gems from their back catalogue. One should never be afraid of not hearing the best known songs when seeing Uriah Heep, but they always leave some spots open to put in stuff that hasn’t been played for a while. The Look At Yourself classic, “Shadows Of Grief,” was one of these, showing up as the second song in tonight’s set.

“Pilgrim,” “Cry Freedom,” and “Devil’s Daughter” were three other tunes that haven’t been a part of Uriah Heep’s live set that often in the past. All three of these songs were great, and the 15 year-old Raging The Silence track, “Cry Freedom,” was the youngest of them all in the set.

However, midway through the show, Trevor Bolder had huge problems with his equipment, and “Stealin’” and “The Other Side Of Midnight” were played with hardly any bass at all. But, the lads have of course survived many technical problems in their career, and their professionalism overcame the whole event brilliantly.

It’s always great to hear songs like “Stealin’,” “Easy Livin’,” “The Wizard,” and “The Sunrise” when you go to see Uriah Heep. The guys are still holding up at their highest level, and Bernie Shaw sings like a god, easily making “July Morning” a stellar highlight. On top of it, getting to hear “Bird Of Prey”, “Look At Yourself,” and “Gypsy” ensured none were left disappointed.

One thing is for sure — Uriah Heep shouldn’t make any plans to sell off their tour bus just yet. T here are many hidden gems in their back catalogue left to offer…


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