THERAPY? – Never Apologise Never Explain

THERAPY? - Never Apologise Never Explain


Spitfire Records
Release date: September 27, 2004

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Therapy? is back with us again, only a year after High Anxiety. They started off in the early 90s as a trio, but became a quartet with Semi-Detached in 1998. However, Never Apologise Never Explain sees Therapy? as a trio again, after guitarist Martin McCarrick’s departure.

Not to worry, Therapy? has definitely not become a quiet band. “Rise Up” kicks it off and makes your ears bleed from the very first minute, and Andrew Cairns voice and guitar is all over you like a hungry tiger. His all-time partner Michael McKeegan is also kicking the living shit out of his bass guitar. With drum rookie Neil Cooper hard-hitting the sticks, Therapy? 2004 isn’t exactly your loudspeakers’ best friend!

Troublegum is the highlight in Therapy?’s career, but ten years after this major label hit, Therapy? has established themselves as a steady and independent unit. An album like Shameless was a good one, but a poor attempt to make headlines again. Then Suicide Pact – You First was an album too difficult to digest.

But the aforementioned High Anxiety and this year’s Never Apologise Never Explain hits the target and demonstrates where this band should be. You get thunderous gems like “Die Like A Motherfucker,” “Rock You Monkeys;” and stand-outs like “Polar Bear” … and occasionally there are big and loud choruses that easily make you remember the average Therapy? heyday. Even though they sing “Last one to heaven’s a loser” during this album’s last song, I guess we haven’t heard the last from these loud Irishmen quite yet.


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