CADILLAC – Magnetic City

CADILLAC - Magnetic City


Kong Tiki Records
Release date: September 20, 2004

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For the second time this month, Metal Express is reviewing a release by a band that is praised by the press in their home country of Norway. First WE, and now Cadillac. Norway is really longing for a new rock act that can put the country on the rock and roll map. You know … TNT is not generating “breaking news” any longer … and Black Metal, which a lot of people in other countries associate with Norwegian music, is not the kind Norwegians in general want to market abroad as their country’s pride.

A year ago, Norway attached their hopes to Span. Span put out the excellent record Mass Distraction, but they failed to conquer the world … or to get noticed much from a global perspective. Now it seems like the music press in The Land Of The Midnight Sun puts its faith in WE and Cadillac. WE is out of the question (read the WE review here), but what about Cadillac? Do they deliver the goods?

Cadillac, and their producer Rich Robinson (The Black Crowes), provide you with a lot of heavy guitar riffs, an energetic seventies feel, vocals full of presence, and an overall dirty rock and roll sound (pretty much like Dirty Americans). Unfortunately, there are no good songs on this album. Tracks like “Locomotive,” “Top Of My Guaranties” (check out Metal Express’ jukebox later this week), and “Wilder Than This” sure convey pleasant musical qualities and a whole lot of enthusiasm within the band, but none of these songs, or any others on the album, stick out from whatever else you’ve listened to so far this year. An inventive sound on a Norwegian scale, and tons of goodwill from the Norwegian music press won’t help. You can listen to this album a lot of times, but the content is not anything you’ll remember … it leaves you empty.

If you don’t want to check out a band live after listening to their record, the band has got a serious problem. Magnetic City fails totally in convincing anyone in why it should be a great night out going to a Cadillac concert. There are too many bands out there to care for rather than those bands generating songs without character.


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