DIVERCIA – Cycle Of Zero

DIVERCIA - Cycle Of Zero


Release date: September 20, 2004

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Simple put, Divercia’s new release, Cycle Of Zero, is a true piece of art. Heavily influenced by everything from Melodic Hard Rock to Death Metal, this six-piece band from Finland has released an album that celebrates the diversity of Metal big time.

Fronted by the very skilled Jyri Aarniva on vocals, Divercia conveys both elegancy and brutality. It’s a roller coaster ride … here you’ll find Type O Negative’s darkness, Megadeth’s aggression, Vanden Plas sensitivity, Dimmu Borgir’s volume, and much more.

Cycle Of Zero, the band’s second release, struts of creativity. It’s hard to spot a lot of weak parts here. Don’t get negatively influenced by the bad band name, the odd front cover, and the low budget music video (“Overwhelming”) that is added to the disc; Divercia has packed their nine track (forty minutes long) album with high quality music.

Death Metal fans who are skeptical about softer rock music, will have their ears opened to smooth melody lines, and, on the other hand, those who haven’t involved themselves much in the heaviest genres of rock will be surprised by how convincing Divercia delivers their darkest elements.

However, the content on this album is not something that comes to you easily. It takes some spins to get the right understanding of the size of this thing, but after a while, tracks like “Iron Hearted Cross,” “Cycle Of Zero,” “Underground,” and “Start At The End” manifest themselves as huge. Besides the compositions, the individual musical performances are a joy. Even the backing vocal arrangements are notably clever.

Some uneven moments do occur, though. “2nd Ghost” adds little, if anything, to the rest of the material, and “Overwhelming” is a strange pick for a music video. Anyway, Divercia impresses with this album. Check them out.


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