707 – The Bridge

707 - The Bridge


SPV/MTM Classix
Release date: September 20, 2004

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A lost AOR nugget? Considering that this album was supposed to be released in the early 80s, but got put on a shelf until 2004, the sound is surprisingly fresh, but the song structures soon remind the listener that they are listening to Old School AOR. This release is a part of MTM Classix series, which as the name suggests, involve re-releases of old classics. Although, come to think of it, it’s kinda bold to name an album no one has even heard yet a classic.

707 was formed in 1977 and then disbanded in 1983. In line with descriptions found in the promo sheet, a comparison to REO Speedwagon can give you some idea what The Bridge sounds like. You get uptempo songs with nice vocal harmonies, good melodies, and lots of guitar and keyboard leads.

The production quality is surprisingly top notch, but even that cannot disguise the fact that these songs are somewhat outdated … that’s the first thing that hits you. The other is the funny time warp twist where you are reminded of today’s acts like Darkness and even Hanson. “Hungry For You’s” high vocals and shake-your-hips groove are definitely something the fans of Darkness’ main man Justin could appreciate.

Mainly, 707 are in line with the likes of Styx and Boston. Also, former Casablanca label mate Kiss comes to mind at times. Repeated listens begin to shift the focus away from the outdated feeling of the music, and one starts to appreciate the melodies.

This album also provides indicators on the technology of the times in the 80s as the sound effects of sirens and wind blowing would have probably been a source of amazement back at that time.

As a result, this album is not strictly for the nostalgia seekers. If good vocal harmonies and catchy melodies with an 80s touch interest you, then give this one a spin.


Kevin Russell – Guitar
Phil Bryant – Vocals/Bass
Jim McClarty – Drums
Todd Howarth – Keys/Guitar


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