THE CARBURETORS – Pain Is Temporary – Glory Is Forever

THE CARBURETORS - Pain Is Temporary - Glory Is Forever


Release date: 2004

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Hereby I proudly present a band from my own country, Norway, that really kicks ass! The Carburetors have now, after spending several years together, released their debut album, Pain Is Temporary – Glory Is Forever, and this is straight-to-the-point rock ‘n’ roll! …or Fast Forward Rock ‘n’ Roll as they call it themselves. And I do have to say, this is incredible cool!

The Carburetors doesn’t compromise. They’ve found their niche, and they stick to it and play it fast, dirty and with great enthusiasm. They vary from sounding like a mix between Motorhead and Georgia Satellites and a mix between Motorhead and AC/DC… Add some associations with Chuck Berry and Monster Magnet. How bad could that get?

Though the songs from time to time get a bit alike-sounding, which I rather tend to criticise that cheer…, Pain Is Temporary – Glory Is Forever doesn’t at all get boring. It is all fun! I have to admit that I normally don’t listen a lot to this rock ‘n’ roll kind of rock, but this record certainly is a precious addition to my music collection. These days I simply can’t put it down.

However, the songs are not just fast; singer Eddie Guz’ growling vocal is strong and full of rock ’n’ roll attitude. The bass and drums are boiling from the first track to the last, while Krogh and Kidd’s fat guitars know at all times when to scratch, when to bite, when to chase, when to scream, when to slash and when to attack. In addition, the album is lifted high by several magnum backing vocal arrangements. Especially on the ultra-cool “She’s Got The Touch” a brilliant female backing vocal makes the song a joy ride you are rarely offered. This should definitely be the band’s next single.

Other tracks that stand out is the single “Allright, Allright”, with a Slash-sounding guitar solo, and highlights like “God Damn (It’s Good To Bee Right)”, “All Alone” and “The Presidents” (/ We don’t care for monarchy / We don’t care for anarchy / We don’t care it we stand or fall / All we care for (is) Rock ‘n’ Roll!/). On the other hand, “Get In The Line” and “Highway of Rock’N’Roll” are tracks that don’t add much to the album, but all together the thirteen songs constitute forty minutes of rock ‘n’ roll power that will remind you about every reason anyone has ever thought of on why one should play in a rock ‘n’ roll band.


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