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Release Date: 2004

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Oftentimes, the coolest part about reviewing music is having the pleasure of meeting new bands. Sure, disks from Metallica and Cradle of Filth and Nickelback fall into Metal Express’ hands, but what’s the next big thing? What’s festering in the underground that is just waiting to erupt? Well, for this reviewer, THAT’s what reviewing music is all about. And this time, it’s Supervillain that turns that crank.

Supervillain is a band from New York City, and thus, have a bone to pick with everyone and everything under the “terrorism” sun. They aren’t the first band to write a song about 9/11, and they obviously won’t be the last. In place of sentiment and nuances of the forlorn, they just rip it up. Supervillain has created one EP, so far, but if someone doesn’t nab these guys and MAKE them get a full release out there to the masses, they are missing the boat.

“Wartorn” is their homage to the lost souls of 9/11. You are going to hear Soundgarden influences in the groove of the music, but the coolest part about this track, whether they know it or not, is a similarity to the Afghan Whigs. If you are not familiar with that band, who was alternative even when alternative was popular, they had substance embedded in substance. Supervillain vocalist Morgan Adams will remind you of the Afghan Whigs’ Greg Dulli in many ways. His voice is acerbic, abrasive, honest, and overflowing with emotion. While he doesn’t sound exactly like Chris Cornell either, he has the same delivery in parts. Of course, this means a comparison to “Big Dumb Sex” Soundgarden, nothing later.

Heavy metal means heavy guitar. On the intro to “Paradise Lust,” the edgy guitar leads you into a growling and again, grooving song. This time, the drum fills and overall rhythm section shine. Of course, Adams’ vocals again tear things to shreds. In this case, he’s got a David Wayne edge to his voice. You’ll hear old Soundgarden again in the vibe of the song.

“Lyin’ Eyes” seems like it’d be a mellow song, but it’s not. It’s actually a chance for drummer Louie Gasparro to show what he’s made of, and it ain’t wet toilet paper. He bludgeons the hell out of the drums on the intro, and the lyrics, just a brutal yell of “your fuckin’ lies!” makes for the kind of song you won’t sing to your wife. The guitar solo and fills are more decisive here, like they made a conscious effort to show guitarist Mike Mirabella has skills. He does.

Ending the 5-song EP is “Aggrophobic,” the heaviest song on the CD. Supervillain wasn’t going for variety on this EP. They wanted to show you they had chops, they had anger, and they know how to put that in musical form. Again, the vocals reign supreme here, nuances of Dulli casting their pall over the atmosphere again. This is a good thing.

So, what can you say about Supervillain? If you like your metal with an old-school groove like Soundgarden, yet a modern flavor, these are your guys. It’s brutal, it’s manic, it’s atypical … and it’s cool. Check ‘em out.

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