PAPA ROACH – Getting Away With Murder


Release Date: August 31, 2004

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As with many American bands in the space between post-Grunge and Nu-Metal, Papa Roach got off to a great start with the multi-selling album Infest . Then a couple of years later, Lovehatetragedy was a slight disappointment. Getting Away With Murder, on the other hand, shows that Papa Roach is back on track.

How often do you pick up an album and every single track on it is strong? Getting Away With Murder belongs to that exclusive category. From the start with “Blood,” through to “Do Or Die,” it’s all pleasure to have Papa Roach occupy your stereo.

Bass player Tobin Esperance has penned most of the music, while singer Jacoby Shaddix has written the lyrics. Esperance has a unique talent of mixing hard and rough music with catchy vocal lines, while Shaddix has a mighty powerful voice to add all the energy needed.

Getting Away With Murder‘s hardest moment is the thrilling “Tyranny of Normality,” while the most commercially listenable songs are “Sometimes” and “Scars.”

The title track stands out as this album/s best track. “Getting Away With Murder” has everything needed in this genre, with great guitar hooks, powerful singing and a production that kicks you right in the face. “Stop Looking Start Seeing” has many strengths as well, especially the change of beat in the chorus.

Every musical arrangement on this album is a work of art, and Howard Benson has added a powerful and energetic production to an album of great musical material. A true must for any rock collector.



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