DREAM EVIL – The Book Of Heavy Metal

DREAM EVIL - The Book Of Heavy Metal


Century Media Records
Release date: July 13, 2004

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Dream Evil, from Sweden, reveals their attitude and ambitions from the very beginning on The Book Of Heavy Metal, their third full length release. In the fist verse of the title track, the album opens with lyrics like: “I’ve signed a contract with the Devil (…) / I die to become immortal / (…) give up all my life to be / IN THE BOOK OF HEAVY METAL!” Sacrifice, that is…

I haven’t done a whole lot of research on this, but it might be that the Dream Evil guys haven’t actually signed a contract with the Devil. What they have done, I know for sure, is to use their skills, and a whole lot of heavy inspiration sources, to write and record some of the most enjoyable heavy metal I’ve heard for ages!

First of all, let me say that there’s definitely a certain parody twist to Dream Evil. They mean metal for real and for sure, but a lot of humor is added to their image. We are talking here about a landscape somewhere in between Manowar and The Darkness. Yes, they are riding a lot of heavy metal cliches, but it is obvious it is intended, and I find it absolutely ultra-cool.

The Book Of Heavy Metal’s title track is incredible! It is an ultimate metal song (for 2004), and makes it worth buying the album on its own. The rest of the CD expresses whatever heavy metal is that the opening track forgets to mention. The whole recording is one big tribute to everything that is good about metal.

Highlights on The Book Of Heavy Metal are, in addition to the title track, “Into The Moonlight,” “Crusader’s Anthem,” “M.O.M.,” ( /Are you a Man or a Mouse?!/) and “The Mirror;” all great, great songs with huge choruses! Other numbers are excellent as well, but some of them distract me by reminding me a bit too much of other bands … “Into The Moonlight” could have been penned by Helloween, “Let’s Make Rock” sounds like late 80’s Whitesnake, and I would have believed it if someone told me “Only For The Night” was written by Europe’s Joey Tempest, and Dream Evil close the whole show with “Unbreakable Chain,” a ballad that brings my mind back to several Scorpions songs.

However, Dream Evil is not about originality. Dream Evil takes care of traditions, and they do that better than well. May the band play those songs live all over the world in the times to come. Learn their killer choruses by heart and go see them!

Watch out for The Book Of Heavy Metal in stores world wide beginning on May 31, 2004!


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