DREAM EVIL – In The Night

DREAM EVIL - In The Night
  • 9/10
    DREAM EVIL - In The Night - 9/10


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Release date: January 25, 2010

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What is more Metal than themes that praise the night? Metal has always specialized, with the help of the artists involved, on composing songs that reflect the power of the night. For the well-known Swedish Heavy Metal group, Dream Evil, the night is scary so they decided to make an album in order to respect one of the great motifs in Metal with a small tribute. In The Night is the band’s fifth album and what has seemed like a slowdown in the Metal machine, as always, it has been proved wrong with a strong album out to exterminate with its bare teeth that run with the 80s spirit as a shield.

Dream Evil, all over their journey through the depths of Metal since 1999, was considered a hell of a heavy band ever since their Dragonslayer album back in 2002, they showed prowess on being one of the heaviest Heavy Metal bands in the world. Once again armed with a mighty production by the band’s founder and rhythm guitarist Fredrik Nordstrom of the famous Fredman Studios and a striking writing manner of major punching riffs. Dream Evil found the paved road to the drawers of many listeners worldwide by holding the 80s Metal in their hands, bounding themselves in the chains of steel. However, occasionally, they are not too serious because sometimes they have a good time with their material. If you do not know what this is about, check out their lyrics from time to time and you will have, without a doubt, a few laughs over the simplicities and occasional nonsense. On In The Night you might check out the tribute ballad for the Metalhead, “The Ballad”, and you will have additional proof on how Dream Evil likes to make a laugh of others and themselves.

With the humor of it all, Dream Evil is like the classic heavier version, and one of many EU versions, of the American all-star Manowar. Nevertheless, Dream Evil on their albums, including on In The Night, truly knew how to swing the sword right with amazing, flowing and rather uncomplicated, manageable Metal themed songs. These were fashioned in a special way that will make numerous Metalheads become an addictive mass to the foreboding Evil nature. As it was in the past, on the grounds of In The Night, it’s the same story. Dream Evil didn’t, even for a second, back down from what made them what they are. They kept on spilling the power of the old Metal gods, as their guides, following true Metal on its enriching melodies, “to the point” solos and the ultimate high pitched fiendish high pitched screams (here made by one of the supreme voices in Metal at the moment and one of greatest mixes Dickinson / Halford – Niklas Isfeldt a.k.a. Nick Night).

Holding out the entire deck of cards, Dream Evil made certain that In The Night, besides being a strong killer, will not stray from the path they chose ten years ago. The songs they present on the album, on the whole, are great and truthfully inspiring to continue to listen to Metal forever. A quantity of the most impressive stars on this filler are as follows: “Immortal”, “Bang Your Head”, “Mean Machine”, “Electric”, “See The Light”, “In The Fires Of The Sun” and “The Unchosen Ones” (a great antithesis to the old song of the band, “The Chosen Ones”, and it even has some reminders of the former tune). However, with all those stars, please do not discourage any of the unmentioned here; they are more than worthwhile for your ears to bear.

If it’s about a Heavy Metal way of life, humor, battlefields and bits of loving, ultimately heavier than anyone else, you got yourself a Dream Evil album and it should be kept safe. In The Night is a wonderful album by a never-ending band with a pack full of guts and a sense of respect to where this music came from. Let’s hear it for Dream Evil, they bring us the night!


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