TRACEELORDS – Refuse To Kiss Ass


Roadrunner Records
Release date: June 21, 2004

Guitars: B
Bass: C
Drums: B+
Vocals: A
Lyrics: C
Recording Quality: A
Originality: A-
Overall Rating: B

User Review
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Back in 2000, Germany’s The Traceelords released one of the most kick-ass rock anthem songs ever in “Daddy Cool.” It was raw, catchy, contained massively heavy guitar, with a lesson in use of false harmonics, and was lyrically simple. So sophomoric, in fact, that one might suspect that the lyrics from this track were left out of the liner notes intentionally for being too simplistic. Three years later, it’s with a different bass player, shorter hairstyles, and a sassy and bad ass look that The Traceelord’s deliver their second full release.

While this release does not deliver a track as catchy or memorable as “Daddy Cool,” it does succeed in presenting The Traceelord’s own brand of straight-ahead Rock and Roll. If comparisons need to be made, they can be categorized as a Raunch and Roll band with an almost Ramones-like delivery. This release just smacks with so much sass and attitude that The Traceelords should be able to give Motley Crue a run for their money by posing as poster children for this year’s “Bad Ass Band” pin up.

The release starts out in fine fashion with “Get Out Alive,” with shouted back-up vocals, a driving guitar riff, bass pedals a blazing, and a nice monster-thumping bass line, which leads into the guitar harmony and solo. “People My Age” is a mid-tempo rocker similar in lyrical and musical approach to America’s Enuff Z’Nuff, with a chorus fueled by some nice off-beat drumming. “MasterCard” starts off at full throttle, and is tempered with an occasional soft-spoken lyric line and brass plated keyboards. “When Exactly” is another full-throttle rocker, with an opening flanged bass line, drums blasting, and guitars all over the place. This track really has a lot going on within it; you’ll need multiple listens to catch things you might have originally missed.

Bottom line, if you were looking for some straight-ahead rock with heavy guitars, melody, and a delivery with attitude, then you’d do well to check out this release. While the band’s lyrics won’t win a Grammy Award, it’s obvious by their musical approach and delivery that they truly believe in the statement that they “refuse to kiss ass” just to make a name for themselves.


Vocals: Andy Briggs
Guitars: Andy Briggs, Mirko Salisphahic
Drums: Haan Hartmann
Bass: Slick Prolidol
Production: the Midas Twins


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