at Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo, Norway, June 12, 2004

Oh, what a walk down memory lane! The 80s album oriented rock (AOR) legends, Stage Dolls, came on stage fashionably late Saturday night, but still managed to satisfy new and old fans alike. It was quite a humorous start to the show when they introduced themselves as a young, promising, teenie-weenie band from Trondheim, Norway, when in fact they have been one of the most popular hard rock bands in Norway over the last two decades.

Stage Dolls started off with a couple of songs from their new album, Get a Life (2004), impressing the crowd, especially, with the title track; a song about “not giving a fxxk,” as singer Torstein Flakne so gently put it! This song really shows they still have more to give and that there still is room for Stage Dolls out there. It’s a modern rock ’n’ roll tune that certainly gets you dancing, rocking, and your feet going!

The main men — Torstein Flakne on vocals and guitar, and Terje Storli on bass — as small as they are, managed to fill the stage, joking and interacting with the audience during many occasions. They both showed their skills and did their best even though the place wasn’t even half full. Norway’s new smoking law, or non-smoking law, I should say, caused a lot of the audience to run out for cigarettes in between songs, so lead singer Flakne decided they would continue on with their tour by including cigarette breaks.

After a session of beautiful, acoustic ballads like “Ammunition” and “Sorry Is All I Can Say” (and a lot of kissing couples and lighters in the air), the pace picked up with a funky, calypso-inspired solo from drummer Morten Skogstad. The band then continued by performing hits like “Money”(’91), “Commandoes” (’86), and the major hit “Love Don’t Bother Me”(’91).

They ended the evening with their most popular songs from the ’88 album “StageDolls”, namely “Wings of Steel” and “Still in Love”. With these songs, the band really showed they still know how to rock ’n’ roll and get a crowd going… and just for the fun of it, they threw in “Solders Gun” and Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode” as extras!

Even if Stage Dolls have been around the block over twenty years, they still gave everything they had, and the fans were satisfied with a set list of nearly twenty songs and in ending their night by not going home until about 01:30 in the morning!


Love Cries
Left Foot Boogie
Someone Like You
You’re the One
Lawyers, Guns and Money
Get a Life
Ten Tons of R’n’R
Sorry Is All I Can Say
Running Back to You
Hard to Say Goodbye
Love Don’t Bother Me
Wings of Steel
Still In Love

Johnny B. Goode
Soldiers Gun


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