TNT (Live)

at Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo, Norway, March 24, 2004

TNT’s new album My Religion has been given great reviews all over the world. In the late eighties TNT got widely known for the releases Knights Of The New Thunder, Tell No Tales and Intuition, but has since been struggling to maintain their popularity. Now, 2004 seem to be their chance for a comeback.

I know, the world has changed since the late eighties, not at least in music, so neither Norway’s own TNT nor another band big back in the 80’s will manage to achieve the same status today. Admit it. But who cares when they are still around and perform both old and new killer songs live, like TNT just did in Oslo?

Last year’s concert, when the band promoted their best of album The Big Bang, was a big disappointment. This time around the guys were in tremendous shape! Actually, I couldn’t believe what I heard when Tony Harnell opened his voice to sing. Judging by last year’s effort you could have said this guy’s career was over and done, but now he delivered some hard rock vocals way beyond most others in the genre. I can’t think of any rock singer who was around for twenty years ago who today still sing as good like ever before. Tony Harnell is an exception. ( And Ronnie James Dio, of course… )

However, for the comeback, the band has reunited with their original drummer, Diesel. For the last four studio albums, TNT has used four different drummers, but now Diesel is back. A knight of the old thunder, so to speak. Not that he’s a very good drummer, but there’s always something about original line-ups when you are trying to make a comeback…

Even though Diesel is not the world’s greatest drummer he could have done a lot worse without me noticing. Because at the front of the stage Ronni Le Tekro is playing his guitar. And say, he can play! Ronni showed every side of his very unique and personal style; very fast, melodic and heavy in his own way. If you don’t know what I am talking about, get to listen to any of the aforementioned albums, including the new My Religion. And that’s studio efforts. Live, he kicked off riffs and solos with an edge and attitude that made me wonder why this guy is not more legendary than he already is. In addition the guitar sound was enormously clean and hard. Pure pleasure.

A little too long acoustic section was the only part of the concert that to me got uninteresting. The rest was incredible. Old songs like “Downhill Racer”, “Caught Between The Tigers”, “Forever ( Shine On )” and “10,000 Lovers ( In One )” were blasts. Brand new tracks like “Give Me A Sign”, “Invisible Noise” and “My Religion” ( which includes the heaviest riff so far this year ) from the new album didn’t hold back at all from the rest of the set. Le Tekro’s guitar playing and Harnell’s singing (exceptional on “Forever” ) were so much more than anyone could have hoped and asked for. Bass player Morty Black delivered as well. The only drawback must be concerning the performance of some of the oldest songs which from time to time sounded and looked a little too routine driven.

It feels so good to witness successful reunions and comebacks. The world is so full of poor ones. TNT in 2004 is not for the fans only, because these guys know and manage something new acts lack. TNT has brought more than twenty years of experience and a couple of huge talents, and unlike many other old bands, you can tell.

Half an hour after TNT played their last song this evening, Skid Row entered the stage in a nearby club. What a night!

Click HERE for Metal Express’ review on ”My Religion”, and HERE to listen to an interview with Tony Harnell and Ronni Le Tekro.


Give Me A Sign
Invisible Noise
As Far As The Eye Can See
Lonely Nights
Downhill Racer
She Needs Me
Hey Love
Caught Between The Tigers
Forever ( Shine On )
Listen To Your Heart
10,000 Lovers ( In One )

My Religion
Seven Seas


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