KROKUS – Rock The Block

KROKUS - Rock The Block


Release date: January 18, 2003

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Exactly when did Krokus turn into AC/DC? Was there a press release?

Krokus’ newest CD, Rock the Block, is their 20th (counting greatest hits releases). In fact, they released their first LP back in 1976. That’s right, vinyl. Almost 30 years later, they are pouring out the same type of music that made them as semi-popular as they were back then.

Rock the Block is a good CD. It is refreshing to hear music that harkens back to the day when musicians didn’t take themselves so damn seriously. And you can tell by the music on this disk, they don’t. Today’s popular (best-selling, anyway) metal seems to either cater to the lowest common denominator (whatever is “hot” right now, ala nu-metal) or is whiny-ass music. As Bowling for Soup would put it, the bands all have singers that are mad at their dads.

Enter the third song on the CD, an unabashedly ‘80s anthem “I Want It All.” The lyrics are cheesy, the guitar licks are simple, as well as the melodies, but you’ll be hitting repeat, guaranteed. The chorus is nothing but the repetition of “I want it all (3x)” and “And … I won’t let you go.” It’s simple, and it’s a great song.

Going back to the AC/DC reference, check out the fifth song “One For All.” It’s almost a perfect amalgam of Brian Johnson and Bon Scott vocally. Plus, the song has that same heavy-drumming AC/DC feel, with great shout-out choruses. To a lesser extent, the songs “Hot Shot” and “Raise Your Hands” are reminiscent as well.

Most of the CD is full of upbeat rock songs. The only one that is a semi-ballad is called “We’ll Rise,” but it isn’t close to probably their best song ever, “Screaming in the Night.” At its time, that song was recognized by everyone all over the world, and asking any band to repeat that is a large order.

But overall, the CD is about rock and roll. Songs like “Freedom,” a fun, weird tune called “Throwing Her China,” “Leading the Pack” and “Night of the Snakes” are all good tracks. If you give the CD a couple spins, you probably won’t fast forward over any of them, if you are in to this sort of music.

One timely tune is a melodic song called “Looking to America,” that shares the lyrics “Everyone is looking to America, where the birds of freedom spread their wings so high.” Who knew the Swiss looked up to America?

It’s great hearing an ‘80s band release something true to themselves. They aren’t trying to cater to anyone, and when you do what you do best, this is what happens. In other words, if Krokus ever “had it,” they still got it.

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