SPOCK’S BEARD – Don’t Try This At Home

SPOCK'S BEARD - Don't Try This At Home


Release date: November 19, 2002

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Well, if there would be a “Worst Timing of the Year” Award then it would definitely go to Neal Morse and Spock’s Beard in 2002. In late August the band release their prog rock masterpiece Snow and Neal talks about the most anticipated upcoming Spock’s Beard tour. Then a month later comes the announcement that Neal quits the music biz and dedicates his future time to his family. Another month passes by and the first ever official Spock’s Beard DVD is out in the shops. Strange enough that once again Neal does the majority of the interviews even though he’s an ex-member at that point. Never mind, I also think that Neal Morse IS Spock’s Beard and it will never be the same without him (not even close). If you disagree with me then just check this double DVD out and you will see what I mean.

The whole band is doing great, that’s for sure, but it’s always Neal in the center of attention. He’s singing, playing the keys, the acoustic guitar and he helps out Nick D’Virgilio on drums if needed. A real fun figure, a great character this guy is. His retirement is a big loss to the Prog Rock community and to all of us who love his songwriting and singing. The live show on the first disc of this DVD set was shot in 1999 in Holland and as far as I know it was already released previously on VHS via Neal’s own record label. The same goes for the extra disc The Making of V, which is a funny and interesting behind the scenes material for all Spock’s fans. The picture and the sound quality is just average as it definitely wasn’t a big budget production. Since it’s a double DVD release there you can find a lot of entertaining extras if you are into the band. And you really have to be, because the whole material is close to 300 minutes, so you get everything you want. Well, almost everything I would say… The icing on the cake would be Neal back in the band.


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