HAMMERFALL – Crimson Thunder

HAMMERFALL - Crimson Thunder


Nuclear Blast
Release date: October 23, 2002

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The band everybody loves to hate releases their fourth studio album of German heavy metal from Sweden. I liked their debut, and was surprised that the follow-up “Legacy Of Kings” was even better (and remains their best album still). “Renegade” had its moments, but was partly a little repetitive and off track. Now “Crimson Thunder” is an effort that again took me by surprise – simply because it has so many killer songs. And besides, it’s sounds as heavy as a freight train.

No, there’s of course nothing new, it has all been done before – but Hammerfall is relevant because some people have short memory, because some folks out there are too young to know, but most of all – and now the writer runs the risk of being repetitive – they write killer songs! I would say “Crimson Thunder” sees the band stepping a little away from the double kick Helloween sound, but still remain German as it has lots of Accept influences. It has neck-wrecking riffs, great melodies and strong choruses all the way through. So why not a full score to Hammerfall this time? Well, the ballad here is perhaps the weakest the band has recorded, the cover is also not much to write home about, and I can’t deny the fact that these songs are a bit stronger than singer Joacim – who has a great voice – but doesn’t match the music that perfectly this time. However, those comments are not really much to get hung up in, I just made clear why Hammerfall didn’t get 10 points. Support this band if you like heavy metal, go lick Limp Bizkit’s ass if you don’t.


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