STATUS QUO – Heavy Traffic

STATUS QUO - Heavy Traffic


Release date: September 15, 2002

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Finally, the Quo are back on a big label, getting hefty backing from Universal records and receiving lots of press. The word on the street is that Quo are back to basics again, with a strong record full of dirty Boogie Rock. Well, there’s no doubt that this is one of the better Quo records in the last twenty years, but there still some way to go, before they are back at the glorious heights of the their seventies output. Still, Heavy Traffic is quite good.

Back in the fold, Bob Young are once again waling away on the harmonica, as well as co-writing a lot of the songs. The best moments: Blues & rhythm, Heavy traffic, the single: Jam side down and Do it again, rescues the album from being “just a regular Quo-record”. Not expecting too much also helps a bit. Maybe their next studio album will put em back on top-form?

Highlights: Blues & rhythm, Heavy Traffic, Jam side down.


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