OVERKILL – Wrecking Everything

OVERKILL - Wrecking Everything


Release date: June 18, 2002

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Hm, I don’t remember giving points to live albums. Maybe I do? I can’t recall reviewing lots of them either. Maybe I did? Must be the fact that I am getting old…

Anyway, one of the greatest live bands in the bloody universe releases a live CD, and this time, unlike last time, it sounds real. The only thing I believe is fake here, is that the audience is turned up and down when needed to. What the hell… The groove is awesome, the band is very tight, and topped with one of the coolest voices in metal, along with the most professional stage act (yeah, I long for the DVD already), singer Bobby Ellsworth and four-string groove monster D.D. Verni delivers with attitude. And I didn’t even mention the highly underrated Dave Linsk on guitar yet. He’s without doubt the best axeman Overkill ever had.

You can’t do much wrong when “Necroshine”, “Thunderhead”, “Evil Never Dies” (God, I could have mentioned them all), tears their way of the speakers. Overkill belongs on the stage, and with this CD, you can easily see that the stage belongs to them. If your head isn’t moving after you’ve pressed play, you must be a dead man. Overkill is a band that never compromised, never gave a shit or never cared what you said. It’s easy; do yourself a favor and pick it up – or FUCK YOU!!!


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