CRYSTAL BALL – Virtual Empire

CRYSTAL BALL - Virtual Empire


Nuclear Blast
Release date: June 15, 2002

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Why can’t I come up with better descriptions than good riffs and great melodies? Well, that’s what I care for, at least those are a few elements I find very important, and here’s another disc that has just that: Swiss rockers Crystal Ball and their new CD Virtual Empire. You see, I don’t review things I don’t understand, as my motto would be something like; if you don’t have anything worth saying, say nothing at all. Therefore, you may find me narrow-minded in my choice of reviews, and yes – I can look through a keyhole with both eyes at the same time.

Anyway, back to Swiss Crystal Ball. I already said the record has good riffs and great melodies? I didn’t? Well, Virtual Empire indeed has good riffs and great melodies, in case you still wonder. This is their third CD, and being a fan from the early days of the debut, maybe I had too great expectations to this CD? I have a feeling I liked “Hard Impact”, the second, slightly better, but “Virtual…” is by all means one of the best melodic hard rock CDs you will hear this year. The way fellow countrymen Gotthard has broken into the charts back home, leaves a little hope that there are things about to happen for Crystal Ball as well. The band is heavier than Pophard, more in the vein of Pink Cream 69, but with the right singles and videos, there’s more than a slight possibility that Crystal Ball can follow in those footsteps. (Say what you want about Jon Bon Jovi and Joey Tempest in 1986, at least they made way for others…) “Am I Free?” is a real treat for a melodic ear, so is “Savage Mind”. Check the disc out, and check the band out touring Europe in May with Dokken.


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