RAGE – Unity


Release Date: May 13, 2002

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Peavy Wagner seems to have found the right line-up, hopefully for many years to come. This is not that line-up’s first record, but I say that this time, it all seems to have clicked right. The axeslinger from Belarus, Victor Smolski, has co-written half the album, and even Mike Terrana has been involved in the making process this time, despite having recently put out another solo album. The label puts it like “the cold war is over, as here is a band with members from former USSR, USA and Germany…” – and yes, it is over, at least it was until they put a cowboy in the office out west… “All I Want”, penned by Smolski, starts with a cool riff and has a great and catchy melody. It’s actually very brutal, and Peavy sings in an aggressive way with his unique voice – a great song indeed. And there’s more; “Insanity”, another great melody, this time signed Wagner, sees Terrana kick into double bass drum mood, which can be called his trademark.

“Down”, an up-tempo rocker in true Rage manner, and “Set The World On Fire”, which starts slowly but kicks in with a great riff, the song is a result of German and Belarus teamwork. Now I can’t help it, but I am a bit turned off by Peavy’s way of singing here and there. The way he sings “fire”, check for yourself, as I really don’t know how to explain it. He puts an end to the word as he was James Hetfield, who barks at the end of every word sung. Speaking of Hetfield, Peavy always reminded me a lot of James – which is a compliment in a positive way, I think… But back to the songs; “Dies Irae” is another strong one, with a chorus that men with balls will have difficulties recreating live. It works well on the record though, and is another highlight on the disc. And instead of going into every track on the album, I really say check for yourself, again, and give it a few spins. It grows, and by the end of the week, I bet I wish I gave it 8 points.


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