RHAPSODY – Power Of The Dragonflame


Release Date: April 23, 2002

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Holding the Olympic record in “Blah OF THE Blah” titles, and perhaps not the most genuine live band around, Rhapsody still amazes me every time they release a studio record (not counting the EP last year). You won’t find many bands with stronger melodies, and I still get tears in my eyes when their massive choruses hit me right in the face. So is also the case with “Power Of The Dragonflame”, presenting melodies that you wonder why no-one didn’t come up with before. It seems so simple and easy for these Italians, yet it is so brilliantly performed. It’s ultimo February, but I will already say that you won’t get an album in the year of 2002 that holds melodies this strong (I might have to eat my hat when the next Kamelot CD comes out though).

“Knightrider Of Doom”, the title track, “The March Of The Swordmaster” and “The Pride Of The Tyrant” all belong among the best songs Rhapsody has ever written, again proving that this combo rules the epic speed metal scene. No, I won’t even try to categorize this band, that would take forever. So is this yet another Rhapsody CD that sounds like the others? If you never got into the band, you would say yes. That tells you that the boys are true to their style and their fans. On the other hand, if you worship this band’s catalog, you will easily notice that Rhapsody has changed a bit. Not radically, but to a heavier (faster) and more technical level, perhaps more progressive. “When Demons Awake” sees Fabio deliver his most aggressive work with the band so far, and this song, as well as the two first, show that Luca has a heavier approach to his playing.

The orchestral parts are just as majestic and impressive as ever, hats off to Alex Staropoli. Also, “Lamento Eroico” is a ballad in Italian opera style, sung in the band’s native language. (And Manowar hoped to do something original on their forthcoming CD?) What more can I say? Well, just to be a little critical in the end, I can for sure harp a little on the band’s storyteller, who as usual comes in on the last track, with his funny S’s. I can’t be the only one who has issues with him?


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