DEEP PURPLE – Singles Collection 68/76

DEEP PURPLE - Singles Collection 68/76


EMI Records
Release date: Februar 18, 2002

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Another Purple Compilation? Yup, it’s another year and we’ve only reached March, and I’ve already got this lill’box of delights in my hands. What’s different from other Purple collections, is that this compilation features only the UK-singles from 1968 to 1976. They are put in a stunning purple (what else?) box, with 11 single-CD’s. Just like an old vinyl-box (but in CD-size, of course).
Back in the 60s/ 70s , singles were seldom released in picture sleeves, but EMI have used picture-sleeves from other countries, to give this singles collection a nice packaging and design. The music is familiar, although the four first singles really do to sound like the 60s hippie-band they used to be. Still, you can’t really fault songs as cool as Hush or Kentucky Woman.

The familiar “Purple sound” starts with the Black Night-single, and just rolls on with a lot of classics: Strange Kind of woman, Fireball, Woman from Tokyo, Might Take just take your life etc etc. The B-sides also have a lot of strong material, including the stunning Demon’s Eye, When a blind man cries and the legendary album-cut, Speed King. All songs that easily could have been A-sides. There are of course also some singles that never got to be classics, but still rock as well as some of their more famous songs. Check out the Fireball single: Never before, or the final UK-single (featuring Tommy Bolin): You keep on moving. Priceless stuff.

This singles box gives you value for money, with 11 singles, and the nostalgia of having to get up and change the record more often than you normally do these days (or play them again and again, and again and again….).

Highlights: (the singles)- Hush, Kentucky Woman, Fireball, Never before, Might just take your life, You keep on moving.


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