THIN LIZZY – Vagabonds Kings Warriors Angels

THIN LIZZY - Vagabonds Kings Warriors Angels


Mercury records
Release date: December 7, 2001

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A busy Christmas-time for Mercury, releasing big box-sets from 70s- giants, KISS and THIN LIZZY. That means an expensive month for yours truly… But hey, music comes first!

Well, while still waiting for some money to come in, I can enjoy this four-CD set from one of my favorite bands, Thin Lizzy. It was about time Lizzy got the “box-treatment”, and hopefully the respect they deserve. Whether playing blues influenced folk-rock, or blasting out the delicious twin guitar-rock sound, Thin Lizzy were always about quality songs. Both the music and the lyrics, fitted each other in a way that is hard to better. Listening to the Thin Lizzy classics: The boys are back in town, Dancing in the moonlight, Wild One, Jailbreak, Don’t believe a word and all the rest, gets you in a good mood, and it’s a mystery to me that they never got to rule the rock world, like they deserved to. Reading the box-set-gives me a couple of clues, though.

Vagabonds, is full of familiar songs, coupled with a few rare songs and singles, including Phil Lynott’s solo-career/ Grand Slam project, making it a must for Thin Lizzy fans. If you’ve got it all, there’s still the book and the pleasure of owning another Lizzy-release. A bit thin, but still…it’s Lizzy, after all.

Highlights: Little Darling, Little Girl in bloom, Dancing in the moonlight, Jailbreak, Dear Miss Lonely hearts, Hollywood (Down on your luck)., Mercury records



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