MIDNIGHT SUN – Metal Machine


Release Date: November 13th, 2001

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I have no idea, but I seriously believe that these Swedes are just out to make fun of metal. Or they’re out to make money… I have never in my entire life seen more cliches put to one disc, and I have all Manowar and Metalium releases in my collection. That being said, the boys don’t look true metal, but more like reincarnated posers from the eighties. The singer has a sleazy but good voice, and the music is simple in-your-face and very catchy hard rock/metal. As much as I believe that their motives are impure, I have to admit that there are several good songs on this CD – so maybe the band’s mission is successful, they make fun out of me, too! What more can I say? If you don’t care a flying fuck about lyrics and want simple but catchy heavy metal, here’s one for you.


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