JUDAS PRIEST – Stained Class [Remastered]

JUDAS PRIEST - Stained Class [Remastered]


Columbia Records
Release date: November 6, 2001

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Following hot on the heels of Sin after Sin, Stained Class originally released in 1978, is another heavy metal classic from the Priest. Starting off with Exciter you can’t really go wrong, can you? White heat, red hot follows, before the Spooky Tooth cover; Better by you, better than me, struts along. The song were later to gain fame as “the song that caused the ridiculous trial in America”, and luckily the case were closed.

Stained Class boasts several good songs as well ( Invader; Saints in hell), and of course one of their masterpieces, Beyond the realms of death (surprisingly written by a vocalist and the drummer!). It’s a guitar-fest, and if you are not familiar with the song check it out. It’s an absolute classic!

The bonus-tracks on this re-issue are: Fire burns below ( sounds like something they recorded during the “Turbo-sessions”) and it’s quite an interesting song. The second track is a fine version of : Better by you, better than me, live. It rocks. So does Stained Class!

Highlights: Exciter, Better by you, better than me, Beyond the realms of death, Invader


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