BRAINSTORM – Metus Mortis


Metal Blade
Release Date: October 24, 2001

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Brainstorm, Germany’s leading band in power metal, is still a reliable force. I don’t really think the band is able to disappoint their fans. The songs are outstanding, the member’s efforts likewise, especially Andy B. Franck’s perfect voice for a band like this. ”Weakness Sows Its Seed” and ”Blind Suffering” are real killers that will make every metalhead smile until his head falls off, and most others songs here can be mentioned as well. But Brainstorm has given us better discs before, and that’s why I hold back one point. I don’t feel comfortable with that, so I blame the production. This doesn’t sound as good as “Ambiguity”, released last year, though the songs are just as strong. The double bass drums are much too loud in the mix, and here and there they drown the killer riffs from Mr. Ihlenfeld. Anyway; if you like Brainstorm from before, this is a best buy!


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