BORKNAGAR – Empiricism


Century Media
Release Date: October 22, 2001

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This is the first – and probably the last (?) – so-called black metal album to be reviewed for this website, at least by this reviewer. I tried to give Dragonlord a fair chance, as I always loved Testament, but decided not to write about things I do not understand. For some reason, the Norwegian band Borknagar is about to release the best (again; so-called) black metal CD I have ever heard. Perhaps the wide use of clean vocals appeal to me, but I really don’t have a problem with the “black” singing either. Musically, this is fairly progressive – maybe due to Asgeir Mickelson’s (also drummer for Spiral Architect) input, and it’s evil but beautiful at the same time. The melodies are strong, and I find myself pressing replay every time the disc ends. Ironically, I never liked Hammond organs much, but they have an essential role in Borknagar’s music today, and they sound so huge, so brilliant, yet so incredibly evil. I also love the piano parts, as well as Vintersorg’s clean singing. Highlights are hard to pick, but “Gods Of My World”, the instrumental “Matter & Motion” and “Soul Sphere” are all stunning. This is something to check out for every fan of metal; that means all of you!


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