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Release date: October 16, 2001

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Well , what’s it like? Steady now, I know it’s been a looong time since the Oz graced us with a new album, but he’s been kind of busy with the Sabbath reunion(s) and his Oz fests. Time for a new solo album to build upon the momentum…

Down to earth opens with some piano-tinkling and…some heavy duty riffing from Zakk Wylde. Heavy as in HEAVY, and a little influenced by the grunge sound perhaps? Well, whatever, if there is one person entitled to having such a sound on records today, it is Ozzy Osbourne. Track no.2 is called Facing Hell, and is a likely candidate for a single. Heavy (again) and a good song to have on the album. Splendid instrumental-work on this track as well. Ozzy sounding good as well. He is in excellent vocal-form throughout the album, especially on the ballad, Dreamer. Could be another, Mama I’m coming home, and it deserves to be a big hit.

The album Down to earth debuted as no 4 on the Billboard Hot 100, so Ozzy’s solo comeback is already a big smash. The rest of the album is a potent blend of heavy, riffy metal and some soft tunes.

Bottom line: It’s a big improvement on the Ozzmosis album, and will not disappoint Ozzy’s long standing army of admirers. Down to earth also includes video footage of Ozzy and Randy Rhoades playing Crazy Train and Mr. Crowley!
Highlights: Facing Hell, Dreamer, That I never had, Alive


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