PINK CREAM 69 – Endangered


Release Date: October 10, 2001

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A little disappointed at first, as the last two studio records from Germany’s leading melodic hard rock band were stunning, I am glad to say I finally made friends with this CD as well. This is nothing new, but again you find incredible melodies and high-class performance from the band. The first half of the silver disc is awesome, then there’s a shot in the dark with “Enslaved”, followed by the beautiful ballad, “In My Dreams”. ”High As A Mountain” sounds a little like ”Keep Your Eye On The Twisted”, but is in every way a killer song. Pink Cream 69 lives up to the legacy from all the good melodic rock bands in the late eighties, without sounding a bit dated. And it still surprises me that the guys came back this hard after Andi Deris raised his salary by joining Michael Weikath’s regime…


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