HUMAN FORTRESS – Lord Of Earth And Heavens Heir


Label: Limb Music
Release Date: September 12, 2001

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You bring in a couple of German musicians who never got anywhere, mix them up with a few exile-Greeks, and all of a sudden you have a promising band. Maybe producer Tommy Newton can take a lot of the credit, but the debut has a good handful of enjoyable songs. The label likes to call them “epic, true metal”, but I think Human Fortress is a bit more than that. They offer more diversity than true metal, in my opinion. The singer is good, the guitar- and keyboard work is also good, so I put the stamp “quality” on this debut. Human Fortress will not save the world from Taliban, neither are they the next big thing this year, but simply a promising band that you really should try out. The follow-up can really be something, as there’s a lot of potential in these guys.


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