MANOWAR – Into Glory Ride & Hail To England


Metal Blade
Release Date: 2001 (re-issues)

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I’m not going to take time to write a whole lot about the music here. If you don’t know these records, you wouldn’t have come to visit Metal Express Radio in the first place. These are mighty Manowar’s second and third releases, and remastered they still sound so heavy that anything else pale in comparison. We all know it; Into Glory Ride shows the heavy and somewhat doomy and epic side of the band, while Hail To England sees the band play faster. But enough of that… These so-called silver editions released by Metal Blade in Europe are remarkably nice for being re-issues. Not only are the digi-packs cool, but the photos and liner notes by band and people involved in making metal history, are incredibly well put together. They tell the story of a band that refuses to kiss ass, refuses to call it a day though everything and anything that could fail does so, as well as they show that you don’t need a huge budget to make the heaviest albums ever – as long as the spirit and will is there. Every fan of metal should get these re-issues (the first album is for some reason only re-issued in the US), as the music by Manowar will always be relevant.


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