ETERNA – Papyrus


Release Date: 1999

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I could be wrong, but I believe Eterna is the second Brazilian band on Scarlet. Dark Avenger finally had their awesome record released in Europe last year through this Italian label. Now the world waits for Eterna. Or does it? Well, while Dark Avenger impressed me with their powerful metal in the vein of Metal Church, Eterna is unfortunately more like all the others out there, influenced by Helloween, Dream Theater and the neo-classical Rainbow and Symphony X. The band has two singers, both bass player Alexandre Emanuel Claudio and drummer Danilo Lopez handle the microphone. If only Danilo could sing as beautiful as his sister Jennifer looks… Now that would be something. Still, Papyrus has its moments, and there’s no need to throw in the towel. May I add that this is a debut album, and for that matter, I think we will hear more from Brazil. The band (and Scarlet) make a point out of the band having two singers, I suggest that they focus more on the songwriting and musical expression for next time.


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