TWISTED FOREVER – A Tribute to the Legendary Twisted Sister


Kooch Records
Release Date: August 14, 2001

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Is there a better way to open a disc than “I Wanna Rock”? Can someone please tell me why that song was the opener on side 2 on “Stay Hungry”? That’s beyond me… Anyway, and about time, too – there’s finally a tribute to Dee Snider and Twisted Sister! Lit opens with “I Wanna Rock”, and though I have absolutely no information about this, it must be Dee himself joining them on vocals. A good one. Then Motörhead follows with “Shoot’em Down”. Oh my God, this fucking grooves. The best drummer in rock’n roll gives the song a punch it actually never had, and Lemmy simply rules. If you’ll ever hear someone play the hell out of an original, this could be the one. A winner! Overkill does a very cool “Under The Blade”, and even Cradle Of Filth proves that “The Fire Still Burns”. Nashville Pussy rocks up a good “The Kids Are Back”, while Sebastian Bach delivers a very good “You Can’t Stop Rock’n Roll”. Bach has a way to sound like Ozzy when paying respect to the father, and he does a perfect Dee Snider as well (and we all know where Seb’s stage act comes from…) Other acts worth a mention are Nine Days’ “The Price”, an acoustic and partly orchestral version, Anthrax (“Destroyer”) , Joan Jett (“We’re Not Gonna Take It”) and although it’s an embarrassing moment; Hammerfall’s “We’re Gonna Make It” rocks. Other songs, such as “Don’t Let Me Down” by Vision Of Disorder and The Step Kings’ hardcore version of “Burn In Hell” are not worth a mention, and Chuck D’s “Wake Up (The Sleeping Giant)” and Fu Manchu’s “Ride To Live (Live To Ride)” are impossible to recognize as songs penned by the legendary Dee Snider. Conclusion: Not many tribute records hold this many awesome cover versions. Get it!


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