WAYNE – Metal Church


Nuclear Blast
Release Date: August 7, 2001

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The album cover and title could maybe see Wayne and Kurt Vanderhoof in court. I don’t care. I didn’t care much for the comeback Metal Church did a few years ago (meaning; I cared for the comeback, but not the record they did), and I don’t care much for this either. What makes a few songs enjoyable is the production from Joe Floyd (Warrior’s riff master), I strongly believe that he plays a little, too. The first songs are very good, but then it all falls apart. Wayne’s voice is not like it used to be, and the album includes the worst cover ever done by mankind, “Mississippi Queen”. Still, I take this instead of the Metal Church CD a few years ago, Masterpeace wasn’t it? Conclusion: Joe Floyd turns water into wine, but Wayne drinks it all and leaves just a few sips for the fans.


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