BEYOND TWILIGHT – The Devil’s Hall Of Fame


Release Date: July 23, 2001

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Oh, here’s that singer again; boys and girls: Jorn Lande! Well, this is not Jorn’s band, so don’t let my introduction confuse you. Jorn is still a member of A.R.K., thank God, and he still claims he will turn down other offers in the future. You may believe what you want… Beyond Twilight is the creation of Finn Zierler, also known from Twilight, a great Danish band that released a couple of CD’s a few years ago. Beyond Twilight is more complex and has a bigger sound than Twilight, and of course a greater singer. The music is Ronnie Dio and David Gilmour in bed together, and what an awesome baby they could have made. The tempo reminds of Dio’s “Lock Up The Wolves”, but the beautiful harmonies and the landscape you picture while listening, reminds you of a peaceful afterlife. On top of that, you have the greatest singer around. Forgive me if I repeat myself, but his devilish voice is such a great contrast to the music, still it fits perfectly. “Hellfire” and “Shadowland” will prove all this. A must buy! Highlights: Every time Jorn Lande opens his mouth!


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