JOHN PAUL JONES – The Thunderthief


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Release Date: June 15, 2001

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The second solo-album from John Paul Jones? Already? Yes, a pleasant surprise, for a change… But that The Thunderthief is an excellent album, is no surprise. Actually, nothing else than pure excellence will be expected whenever the name of legendary Mr. Jones shows up. Once again, he does not disappoint us.

Like debut solo-album, Zoom, this is an instrumental-based album. The big surprise this time then, is that Jones decided to put down some vocals! By all means, he’s no singer, but his voice brings added character to the songs, and balances the album’s “feel” nicely. John Paul Jones also decided to bring in some rather spiffing musicians as well, namely Robert Fripp, Adam Bomb, Nick Beggs and Terl Bryant, and they all bring something unique to the album.

The album is chock-full of punchy hard rocking numbers (Leafy Meadows, The Thunderthief, Angry Angry, Hoediddle), something more sensitive and romantic (Ice Fishing at Night) or just groovy piano/synth -riffing (Daphne).

The Thunderthief is a challenging listening experience, mixing all kinds of musical styles in a manner that leaves the listener gasping in awe of the talent of John Paul Jones. Hopefully, people will also give him a lot more credit for his work in Led Zeppelin, because his contribution to that band were just as important as Page, Plant and Bonham’s.

We’re not worthy, Jonesy!!
Highlights: The whole listening experience.


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