Release Date: May 15, 2001

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This long awaited disc follows up the brilliant “Tyranny” from 1998. If you are not familiar with Shadow Gallery, pick that one up immediately. “Legacy” is a pretty good album as well, and you will be amazed with melodies as strong as “Colors” and the titletrack. But the overall quality from “Tyranny” is unfortunately not to be found. This record is perhaps more progressive and “shredding”, and the singer is just as awesome as ever. The prog fans will adore the long tracks on the CD, but they somehow don’t impress me that much. It seems that the track “Destination Unknown” tells what the band is up to. While the two last albums by this band, who never played live and therefore has a lot to prove, are CDs I regard as classics – I just can’t see this one becoming a disc I will spin for long. Maybe I was just expecting too much?


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