GUARDIANS OF TIME – Edge Of Tomorrow


Shark Records
Release Date: January 1, 2001

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From the southern part of Norway, Guardians Of Time debuts on Shark Records and makes a quite impressive impact on the press. Maybe I should have done my homework better, but all I know is that these guys did a demo last year called “Soul Reaper”, which saw good reviews. Anyway, if you’re looking for something brand new to rave about, keep looking. Guardians Of Time is by all means inspired by Helloween and Gamma Ray, as well as Iron Maiden. Still, I find a very massive guitar work that I sometimes miss with the bands mentioned, more a la Blind Guardian (ops, there’s that word again) or even a couple of the US metal bands. If the record had a bigger budget, I am sure Guardians Of Time easily would show more uniqueness than they do now. However, there are plenty good melodies on this disc, as well as a decent singer. Rune has a huge range indeed, but he lacks a bit power and aggression this time around. I am sure he can find it deep down in his belly if he tries. All in all, this is a strong debut from Norway’s second brightest hope in the genre (before you ask, Pagan’s Mind is the answer to your question). Guardians Of Time will be noticed for this debut, and I really believe that they can quit their day jobs next time around. The cover artwork is by Derek Riggs by the way, so if every Iron Maiden fan bought a copy…


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