GEDDY LEE – My Favorite Headache

GEDDY LEE - My Favorite Headache


Release date: November 14, 2000

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The first solo album from Rush vocalist/bassist! Some have waited a loooong time for this, and stormed the music-stores upon it’s release. I have to admit the rush of customers were not as strong as, say, when Britney Spears released her new opus, but still, there were a couple of tearful and misty eyes in the stores…

But what does it sound like? It sounds like…Rush! No surprise really, when you consider that Geddy Lee has one of the most distinctive voices in rock And he couldn’t really change his bass playing ways, could he!? After all you don’t mess with a winning formula, and Geddy plays and sings like he does. And that is good enough for the Rush-starved fan base, that will savior every minute of this quality release. Cos it is “surrogate-Rush album”, like it or not In the true spirit of Rush, this is no mere collection of songs. It’s an album. And a mighty good one too!

Now, how about some solo gigs in Europe, followed up with a new Rush album and tour? Only time will tell, but while you’re waiting, go get: My favorite headache. It’s a promise, it’s gonna make you feel good, and it’s painless…

Highlights: The whole album


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