A TRIBUTE TO SAVATAGE – Return Of The Mountain King

A TRIBUTE TO SAVATAGE - Return Of The Mountain King


Underground Symphony
Release date: 2000

User Review
6/10 (1 vote)

Return Of The Mountain King Underground Symphony
This is the same thing that Dwell Records released a while back, but this edition is an Italian re-release with five additional Italian bands. True, nobody deserves a tribute more than Jon Oliva & Co., but Florida’s pride deserves much better than this. Maybe the record passes the test, so maybe I am extra critical to someone trying to cover a band that I have a religious relation to. If so, the artists may accept my apology. A few singers do a great job, though they have a European accent. The music on the other hand, does not pay respect to the mighty ‘tage. Eddy Antonini comes out of this with his head above water, with an orchestra version of the beautiful “Sleep”.


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