by Frank Jaeger

  • 9/10
    BLUE SKY THEORY - Cassandra - 9/10


Blue Sky Theory
April 22, 2016
Sena Music / Independent

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Blue Sky Theory - cassandraThe underground still lives and continues to give birth to great albums that must not go unnoticed. One of these is Cassandra from Blue Sky Theory, originally from Bremen, Germany. Their brand of Alternative Metal sees eye to eye with leading US bands in the genre when it comes to melody and guitar work, as Patrick Timmermann’s voice leaves nothing to long for and the two six strings crunch out heavy riffs as well as accentuated alternative sounds. Among the nine tracks is not a single one that fails to excite, and for an independent production the sound also has to be praised. With this one album the five put themselves on the Metal map. It is up to the music fans to make sure they are recognized for what they created.

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